Merlin Mann, Jesse Thorn, and “black people”…

June 25, 2007 at 6:53 am | Posted in America, culture, internet, music, podcast, prejudice, productivity, racism, radio, society, technology | Leave a comment

I’ve been a big fan of Merlin Mann, but his last episode of “The Merlin Show” left me feeling like I was having a conversation (or at least witnessing one) with a Southern bigot who passes off racism as humor (which probably happens more often than I would care to admit down here in the South). Quite skillfully, this moment of bigotry is masqueraded with a humorous undertone most likely intended to poke fun of others who are racist, but the offense is no less egregious. Granted Merlin wasn’t the one speaking, but it was his voice laughing in the background and frankly, his decision to end the show on such a note. Ultimately, Merlin Mann is responsible for the content he releases.

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