Tasered Student: Shame on Everyone

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I found this latest bit of news very disturbing and very sad. To actually hear someone cry out “Please don’t tase me!” only to be tased anyways is nothing but cruel.

Video of police Tasering a persistent questioner of Sen. John Kerry became an Internet and TV sensation Tuesday, generating fierce debate about free speech and the motives of the college student involved – a known prankster who often posts practical jokes online.


Don’t get me wrong, the guy was definitely a disturbance to the event and seemed intent on disruption that bordered on harassment, but who needs to shock a man that is on the ground with 4 people on top of him?

And no matter what John Kerry says, shame on him for not trying to diffuse the situation. Law enforcement may be up to law enforcement, but I can think of a million different ways any good speaker and leader could have talked the young man down from his hysteria.

I mean, do you think if Kerry had stepped away from his “safe zone” and confronted Meyer and the police, offering to answer the question if he left quietly with police, that it would have turned out so ugly? I don’t think so.

Shame on the campus police and shame on Senator Kerry. Shame on Meyer for not having the restraint to participate in a mature and responsible dialog with fellow citizens without resorting to hysterics and exhibitionism.

Food for thought: what social or moral responsibility did the audience have? You can hear a girl (or two) off camera shouting for them to stop, but would it have been appropriate for the group to protest the violence of the police officers? By being silent, was the audience condoning this entire spectacle?


Giuliani needs whose money?

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$9.2 million is a lot of dough. Does the obvious smack anyone else in the face?

Rudy Giuliani’s speaking fees.

The price tag for civil leadership is just too high. Million dollar, maybe even billion dollar campaigns spell “The End” for leadership that may have originated in the middle class.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Rudy can charge whatever he wants for his speaking engagements. But why do organizations want to pay that much just to hear someone speak?

The answer to “the obvious” question is simple: it’s just another way of funneling money to a politician.

Money, money, money…

I wonder what a $200,000 speech sounds like…

Electoral College

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Do you want your vote to really count? Then what’s up with the electoral college? FairVote.org published an article regarding how over half of Americans would prefer to get rid of the electoral college.

With this in mind, we just finished reading an excerpt of Immanuel Kant’s essay, What is Enlightenment? in my Humanities class. One point of emphasis made by our professor was that Kant would have advocated free speech and perhaps even freedom of the press. But when it comes to voting as an inalienable right for everyone, he may not have been so “liberal”.

The reasoning behind this deduction has to do with Kant’s definition and understanding of enlightenment. Look around, would you describe all of those who you interact with as enlightened? Probably not, and this is the difference between an “enlightened age” and an “age of enlightenment”.

Continue Reading Electoral College…

More war

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Could you deal with the possibility of more war? Can our troops deal with more war? How much more damage can Bush do before his term is up?

“Bush has become something of an Emperor. He will give the command, and cruise missiles will fly and aircraft will fly and people will die, and yet few of us here are really able to cobble together a great explanation of why this is a good idea.”

Maccabee’s friend

If you think this administration makes your head spin now, causing you to wonder exactly what country you live in, just imagine what’s going to come out when it is all over. George W. Bush has certainly cemented his legacy in American history, but what a shameful legacy that’s going to turn out to be.

And remember, Bush is only one man with limited power. There are others, elected by “the people” who have ceded even more power to Bush — they should be held just as responsible.

Think about that when contemplating promoting your favorite Senator (there are a few running) to the position of President of the United States in 2008.


August 28, 2007 at 10:23 pm | Posted in America, Asheville, Bush, democracy, government, politics | 2 Comments

I wanted to link to this really great article from the Asheville Citizen Times.


I personally think it’s too late for impeachment, America shouldn’t have put the moron and his buddy back in office in 2004 if they didn’t like the job he was doing. But I like what she has to say and I’m sorry that her and her friends were arrested.

I wish someone would arrest my happy-ass for expressing my opinion. Perhaps they’ll get their chance; maybe Open:Source:Polity will be then nail in the coffin!

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