Fall already?

September 12, 2007 at 1:20 pm | Posted in Asheville, fall, weather | 4 Comments

I was trying to take a picture of all the leaves in my front yard. What’s wrong with this picture? Well for starters, it’s a bit early for fall. Not to mention that the temperature hasn’t even cooled off yet. So why? Well, we haven’t got any rain and, like I alluded to, it’s been pretty hot.

Fall - Leaves in yard

But funny how photography is sometimes. I heard something off to my left and saw that I had a little friend out there in the yard with me. Not sure what it is, but I was able to grab two shots before he waddled off rather quickly.

Animal in Yard - Fall 2007



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  1. Your “little friend” is most likely a marmot/ groundhog/ woodchuck. I have a family of those living on the hill next to the house. They build quite an elaborate system of underground tunnels.

  2. Yeah, where it is popping out from (that you can’t see since I cropped the picture) is a drainage ditch. Right behind it is a nice man-made tunnel that leads up to the street. It is real skittish though, you can’t get to close to it.

  3. Its a monster 😛

    How is the weather there? I am melting here back in FL, I hate it!

  4. It’s actually starting to cool off…finally! Yesterday was breezy and cool, didn’t make it out of the 60s. Right now it is 66 degrees.

    If there is anything that I don’t miss about Florida and that I love about the mountains, it is the seasons — fall being my favorite one.

    Hope it cools down for you soon!

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