Dance Department #97

August 22, 2007 at 8:58 pm | Posted in dance, music, podcast | 2 Comments

Dance Department LogoForget last week’s 100th episode! Podcast #97 is one of the best dance podcasts I’ve heard yet. I still like Dave Matthias’ Rejuvenation for something that is upbeat and relaxing at the same time, but DD97 is something you can really move to! Here’s the breakdown of the beats that are sure to titillate your ears:

  1. Filo & Perry – Anthem (Nic Chagall Mix)
    • A great start, but the best is yet to come!
  2. Shinedoe aka Innersphere – Phunk (Steve Angello Mix)
    • Getting hotter…
  3. Chemical Brothers – Saturate
    • Now you’re talking. Speaking of the Chemical Brothers, have you heard their new album, We Are the Night? Right now I only like a couple of songs, but their music has a tendency to grow on me.
  4. Darren Mase feat. Dirty Flavor – Dirty Playroom
    • This track is hot too. I’d like to see her dirty playroom, wouldn’t you?
  5. Justin Martin – Ghetto Train
    • This is the best track on the podcast; I could listen to it over and over again.

The rest of the podcast is great too, but the first half is the best!  Later on you’ll hear another one of my favorite Chemical Brothers’ songs, Do it Again. You should check it out, and definitely subscribe. It’s free and downloads every week – you’ve always got something new to listen to.

Thanks Dennis Ruyer! Peace, love, and beats!



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  1. hello i have a question… where can i find ore download the correct version of darren mase – dirty playroom? thanks you…

  2. Hey man, I’ve not been able to find it either. Believe it or not, I get a lot of hits on my site for people searching for exactly that. I’ll try to do some more digging this week and see what I can find. Please post back if you find something though… Thanks!

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