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I’ve been wanting to start an “open source” project for some time now. Well, here it is. Finally! What can I say? I am a “techie” and I literally eat, sleep, and breathe technology. It is through technology that I have been exposed to the truest form of democracy, something of which the Founding Fathers of America would truly be proud.

At work and home I use various distributions of the Linux operating system. A lot of the software I use on Windows, Mac, and Linux is open source and community supported. I don’t use these operating systems because they’re open source or because they’re community supported. I use them because they work and they help me accomplish the tasks and functions that provide fulfillment in my life and my career.

It doesn’t even have to be open source — technology is as exciting to me as politics. I believe, however, that the idea of open source is what has made technology as exciting as it is today.

Competition, innovation, and shared workloads and tasks are hallmarks of the open source community. These various communities, astonishingly, have accomplished what very few would have thought possible. Today, billion dollar companies find the need to make strategic decisions, maneuvers, and investments based on the products and services provided by open source communities.

The democratic-minded competition to these billion dollar companies has produced better, more innovative, cheaper, and more secure software that has in turn contributed to an industry with a performance like none seen before. While some may have the “dot com bust” in recent memory, I think we’ve left that long behind.

I encourage you to discover open source for yourself. Try out some free software or pay only $10 for a program that might otherwise cost you $199 and a lifetime of equivalent upgrade fees. If tech is not for you, then why don’t you try out this open source project?

So being a fan of open source and wanting to contribute to the community that has provided me with much joy and satisfaction, I set out to determine exactly what I wanted that contribution to be. I signed up on a couple of projects but never really got involved for the simple reason that I couldn’t find anything I was really passionate about.

A couple of years ago I even coded and designed a Flash-driven, ad supported web application that provided event and calendaring functions to users. Like the other projects, this one also failed to enthrall me and thus never materialized.

Soon I started back to school and became preoccupied with my studies and my career leaving all things technology on the back burner. But my passion was rekindled recently when I caved to my technical persuasions and changed my major from Physics & Astronomy to Computer Science & Information Systems. Since then I’ve just been having a blast and now I desire again to give back to the community that has given me so much. What to do?

Polity - Small Logo


Check it out:

The answer to that question ended up being Open:Source:Polity. Check it out! Send the link or this blog post to your friends so they can check it out! Send me some traffic! A good friend mentioned this quote from the movie A Beautiful Mind:

“Conviction, it turns out, is a luxury of those on the sidelines…” — Parcher

I feel a very strong conviction to do something about the state of American and world politics today. But I don’t want to be the guy on the sidelines saying this or that or complaining about a lack of this or too much of that. I want to be a part of the inevitable change, even if it is only a small part.

Open:Source:Polity is my attempt to explore my own personal conviction. The site / community is no where near completion, in fact, there is actually a lot of work left to do. Some of the links on the main page aren’t even active. But I want this to be organic and not just be all my ideas and work. So please join me at Open:Source:Polity and let’s make history together!


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