Another new car

August 14, 2007 at 6:29 am | Posted in personal, Scion, xB | 4 Comments

Yeah I know, I really can’t believe it either. A couple of weeks ago I purchased the 2008 upgrade to the 2006 car I just bought last year – the Scion xB. But let me tell you, these are two completely different cars. My new car kicks my old car’s ass!

The only thing I forfeited was my halfway decent gas mileage. Now I’m only getting between 20-22 mpg city where before I was getting between 25-28 mpg (both are city mileage). They’ve upgraded the engine in this new model so it moves faster and has more power, but is less fuel efficient. Either way, I’m still very happy.

The car is definitely bigger and is attractively less boxy. The wheels seem wider and larger. The inside is much more roomy, not to mention the trunk space seems to have doubled and they added storage under the rear passenger seats.

I like the redesigned front, especially the lights and their wrap-around, bubbly look. The blinkers on the rearview mirrors are pretty cool, although I can’t see them when I’m driving.

Overall, I describe the look as something you might see in a Batman movie, but check out the pictures below and decide for yourself. I’m thrilled of course, hopefully this is the end of my car buying for the next couple of years. 🙂

Scion 2008 xB 2

Scion 2008 xB 1

Scion 2008 xB 4

Scion 2008 xB 3



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  1. Very nice…but, not as nice as as Subaru!! That is my totally unbiased opinion. It has nothing to do with the fact that I own a Subaru…really it doesn’t.

    Actually, with this new body makeover (Scion XB) I would not mind having one. The instrument gauge is pretty cool too. Does it have the (almost) requisite IPOD/Aux input jack?

  2. Better, it has a jack SPECIFICALLY for the iPod. In fact, I can control my iPod (somewhat) through my steering wheel and through the controls on the stereo. Some drawbacks though: can’t navigate through the iPod menus and the car puts my iPod in repeat mode every time I hook it up (very frustrating). Plus it has an aux jack too. Overall though, the iPod interface is 10 x better than the old model.

    Love my new car!

  3. I sa one of these on the road the other day and thought of you. I really like the looks of this model better than the older model.

  4. I’ll have to take you out some day in it…who knows, maybe you can trade in your “big ‘ole” truck for something “hip”. 🙂

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