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Would we be interested if it wasn’t for Castro and our own supposed “inability” to travel there? Maybe, but maybe not. Either way, Cuba has come up twice in my RSS reader today which has got me thinking about a place that used to be so close to home.

This first story, Castro’s Tip: Clinton-Obama the winning ticket, is just interesting because, well it’s just interesting. I’m still not sure who I will vote for for President, but I have mentioned previously my prediction that Obama is no longer a front-runner. Vice-President, however, is a definite possibility.

The above article is a Reuters article about an editorial that Castro wrote in Granma, Cuba’s Communist Party newspaper. One has to speculate whether someone is writing this stuff, however, just to make it seem as if he is either alive or capable of writing an editorial.

This second link, Cuba photos, is more fascinating than the first (save the best for last I guess). It’s a series of photos actually taken from Cuba very recently. There are pictures of many buildings and historical sites, some pictures that depict scenes you’ve probably seen in movies, some cars, and of course some anti-Bush propaganda.

Either article, it’s interesting to occassionally think about a close but yet so distant neighbor. I don’t know about you, but those pictures make me want to be able to check out Havana, perhaps someday…



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I wanted to link to this really great article from the Asheville Citizen Times.

I personally think it’s too late for impeachment, America shouldn’t have put the moron and his buddy back in office in 2004 if they didn’t like the job he was doing. But I like what she has to say and I’m sorry that her and her friends were arrested.

I wish someone would arrest my happy-ass for expressing my opinion. Perhaps they’ll get their chance; maybe Open:Source:Polity will be then nail in the coffin!

We’ve been to the moon!

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These are the words of my Humanities instructor from today’s lecture:

“We’ve been to the moon! Think about it! Think about how incredible that is!”

It is incredible…but you really have to stop and think about it.

Tonight (or tomorrow morning) many of us we’ll get to watch a full lunar eclipse. Not just our ancient ancestors, but even our recent ancestors would not have even dreamed of the things that are possible today when they looked up at the same moon and marveled at the same events which will unfold before us in the wee hours of the morning.

Science and technology is responsible for deploying spacecraft to Mars, Venus, Saturn, and beyond the edge of our solar system. The Hubble Space Telescope captures startling and magnificent images from billions of light years away that essentially allow us to peer back in time. Right now we scoff at the idea of traveling much farther than our own moon or Mars, but respected scientists from less than a hundred years ago would arguably be surprised to learn that the United States of America has erected a flag on the moon — and that was almost 40 years ago!

Last Friday I attended what I consider to be the best Humanities lecture that I have ever been to. There were three lecturers, the first of which just happened to be my professor. He briefly detailed the “Scientific Revolution”, providing just enough information for a science enthusiast such as myself to remember why he went back to school in the first place.

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Hi-Res NYC picture

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My love and fascination with NYC continues. Came across this beautiful picture of NYC from atop a building. You’ve totally got to check this one out!

Who the hell is James Wright?

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I think my new project is getting spammed.  Anyone know who James Wright is?  Some guy running for President and Congress?  Check out this page someone posted over at Open:Source:Polity…

Can you say weird?

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