Big-ass hole

July 30, 2007 at 6:42 am | Posted in Asheville, news | 4 Comments

Location: North Merrimon Avenue, Asheville, North Carolina. Parking lot of a bicycle shop. Second time, apparently, that this has happened. I couldn’t get a shot looking all the way in (I was too chicken to go past the yellow tape), but they say it’s about twenty feet deep. So where does all that soil go?

Sinkhole Asheville



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  1. Mom and Dad had a sinkhole like this in thier backyard. It was about 9 foot in diameter and I measured it at 12ft deep. It opened up after some heavy rains and from what the city said the soil just liquified and ran off into a cave that sits under thier land. A lot of SW VA and other areas in the Appalachian Mtns are sitting over limestone caves of some sort and this gives a real convenient place for all of the burden to wash off too.

  2. That’s pretty freaky that there are cave’s in our terrain like that where soil can just “plunge” into at random. Just think about all of the homes people are building on slopes, slopes that are probably more likely to have caves under them than flat land (although I’m no geologist).

    Sinkholes were a normal thing in Florida where I moved from. In fact, their is one near Gainesville that takes just about all day to climb down (it’s protected by the state). I just didn’t expect to see one here. Interesting to here about the ones in SW VA too. Wonder if any of it is related to mining….

  3. Ummm..interesting choice of words for the title..

    I had several geologically related puns for this, but they do not work well when spelled out..

  4. Yeah…my “pun” wasn’t intentional, but it does get your attention 🙂

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