Our fearless leader forges forward

July 9, 2007 at 12:19 pm | Posted in America, Bush, democracy, Democrats, government, news, politics | Leave a comment

I have to give it to him, this guy has balls of steel. President Bush is going to do whatever he wants, however he wants, and whenever he wants – no matter the concerns of the legislative or judicial branches or even the greater “Republic”. To be honest, I am not so surprised by him so much as I am the lack of public outcry. I’ve read elsewhere that “W” is by far not the exception when it comes to Presidents “enjoying” their executive power, but in my opinion he is by far the most blatant and belligerent.


I’m currently reading Are We Rome? by Cullen Murphy and wish that I had it with me at work right now (technically at lunch) to insert some really good quotes (there are plenty to choose from), but the similarities between ancient Rome and today’s United States government are all too obvious. How can we expect our citizens and our corporations to abide by laws that those in political power just choose to ignore on the premise of national security or cabinet integrity? How many rights will we as individuals have to lose in the fight against terrorism to realize that we are being robbed of everything that once made America a polity and government to admire? The terrorists are succeeding with their mission, we are changing and it’s not for the better.

Precedence is a powerful thing, and President George W. Bush has set a precedence for how far a United States President’s executive power extends and just how much the American people are willing to swallow it. Last week it was Scooter Libby, this week it is blatant non-compliance with legislative subpoenas. What next week or next month? No 2008 Presidential elections or Marshall law in the name of national security?


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