Tesla Would Be Proud

June 8, 2007 at 6:28 am | Posted in innovation, news, technology | 3 Comments

We’ve finally done it!  Wireless electricity!  Just a few more years and I won’t have to have any cords, do you know how wonderful this would be?  Let’s just hope it doesn’t cause cancer or some craziness…


This article goes on to say that you can put people in between the power coils and the object being charged and their are no adverse effects on the person or the system.  Amazing!

It’s not ready for consumer/widespread use yet, however.  The 2-foot coils and 7-foot range make the “system” rather clunky, but it’s a start. Thanks Tesla and thanks MIT!



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  1. I sometimes wonder if Tesla was more ahead of his time than Einstein. He seemed to have a better grasp than anyone else of the way things worked in ‘nature’.

  2. It warms my heart to see our old friend Nikola getting some renewed love these days. Bless ‘im.

    As for the wireless system, I’m not surprised, but I am pleased. I knew a COMPLETELY wireless world would happen sometime, I’m just glad it might occur sooner rather than later.

    Screw cords! I’ve got so much “computer spaghetti” that I’ve actually begun avoiding buying new peripherals just to avoid the mess. It’s way outta hand.

  3. Gardner – Tesla was a prescient and inventive scientific mind unparalleled. I honestly think we owe more to him than we do nearly any other scientist in modern history.

    Also, he’s the star of a really funny and entertaining story called THE FIVE FISTS OF SCIENCE. I recommend it if you enjoy fictional revisionism and/or absurdist, Python-esque humor.

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