Troglodyte Mode on the Mac

June 6, 2007 at 6:49 am | Posted in Mac, MacBook, Nocturne, OS X, productivity, technology, troglodyte | 1 Comment

Did you know about this? This is the coolest thing since…well, since the last coolest thing! If you’re a Mac user, press:


Voila! How cool is that!?

One of my pet peeves when watching television and using the laptop was it seemed like I was staring into the Sun. If I turned the brightness down, it helped, but then it just seemed as though I was squinting at every little thing. I wish I had known about this cool feature a little bit sooner! If you didn’t know about it already, then enjoy!

Thanks Merlin Mann for pointing this out to me (check out his article here)! Also check out Nocturne by Blacktree, another troglodyte mode application.

For a great song pointed out by my officemate, Harvey, check out this Rhapsody link: Troglodyte (Cave Man) by Jimmy Castor (Soul).


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  1. Sounds crazy. Are you interested in my zany entrance A joke for you peoples! What do you call a crazy blackbird? A raven lunatic!

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