Tiki Bar TV

June 5, 2007 at 6:08 am | Posted in culture, entertainment, internet, podcast, technology, video | Leave a comment


If you haven’t heard of this already, than you have to check this out! Tiki Bar TV is a hilarious and ridiculous video podcast that delivers on entertainment. You can subscribe to it via iTunes or watch the episodes on their web page.

So what’s it about? Well the centerpiece of each episode is a recipe for a mixed drink. From what I can tell, the show is intended to be a funny skit that is in some way related to the name of the mixed drink. My favorite character, Dr. Tiki, is some sort of physician who writes “prescriptions” for certain ailments or human conditions. All of his “prescriptions”, of course, are mixed drinks.

Let me warn you, this is in no way funny like a sitcom, but rather, funny like a SNL skit. It’s one of those “this is so stupid it’s funny” kind of things.

They release new episodes roughly every month and they are usually between 4-10 minutes each. I haven’t made any of the drinks that they show, but I have enjoyed the comedy.

For me, television is a relic – this form of entertainment is the future. Content is no longer going to be restricted to huge TV networks that decide what they are going to deliver to audiences. Instead, the audience is going to download and support what they like. So check out Tiki Bar TV. If you don’t like it, then recommend something else so I can have even more enjoyable content to watch/listen to.


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