Merlin Mann, Jesse Thorn, and “black people”…

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I’ve been a big fan of Merlin Mann, but his last episode of “The Merlin Show” left me feeling like I was having a conversation (or at least witnessing one) with a Southern bigot who passes off racism as humor (which probably happens more often than I would care to admit down here in the South). Quite skillfully, this moment of bigotry is masqueraded with a humorous undertone most likely intended to poke fun of others who are racist, but the offense is no less egregious. Granted Merlin wasn’t the one speaking, but it was his voice laughing in the background and frankly, his decision to end the show on such a note. Ultimately, Merlin Mann is responsible for the content he releases.

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Pentagon hacked

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The worst part of this is Robert Gates’ disregard for technology. Glad to know that our elected officials our “competent” to work in today’s world. Here’s the quote:

When asked if his own e-mail account was affected, Gates said, “I don’t do e-mail. I’m a very low-tech person,” according to the Associated Press.

Bloomberg – The Independent from NY

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He’s left the Republican party behind. Surely that’s worth something. I like this quote:

“The politics of partisanship and the resulting inaction and excuses have paralysed decision-making, primarily at the federal level, and the big issues of the day are not being addressed, leaving our future in jeopardy.”

Guardian Unlimited

Obama talks about the division of politics quite a bit in his book, The Audacity of Hope, but Bloomberg seems to be literally putting his money where his mouth is. Obama although at first exciting, is perhaps too new to his career to make such bold moves as losing party affiliation – he needs the Democratic party; Bloomberg doesn’t.

Nothing has excited me so far about the 2008 campaign, but the unfolding events around Bloomberg seem interesting. He’s definitely no Howard Dean, but then again, what did Howard Dean ever do for the national conversation?

The fact that someone might fund their own billion dollar campaign may at first be unsettling, and as I mentioned in my previous post, call for concern regarding what class of American is able to actually run for office. But it is also strangely comforting to know (or at least hope) that special interest groups and partisan politics would be less likely to sway the decision-making of a leader who doesn’t have financial obligations.

Perhaps there is hope? Could Michael Bloomberg be our next President?

GMail Down?

June 8, 2007 at 2:11 pm | Posted in internet, personal, technology | 8 Comments

Is anyone else’s GMail down?  I can’t do anything…

Wonder what’s up?

Tesla Would Be Proud

June 8, 2007 at 6:28 am | Posted in innovation, news, technology | 3 Comments

We’ve finally done it!  Wireless electricity!  Just a few more years and I won’t have to have any cords, do you know how wonderful this would be?  Let’s just hope it doesn’t cause cancer or some craziness…

This article goes on to say that you can put people in between the power coils and the object being charged and their are no adverse effects on the person or the system.  Amazing!

It’s not ready for consumer/widespread use yet, however.  The 2-foot coils and 7-foot range make the “system” rather clunky, but it’s a start. Thanks Tesla and thanks MIT!

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