Microsoft Surface: The heat is on!

May 31, 2007 at 6:18 am | Posted in Apple, entertainment, innovation, iPhone, Linux, Mac, Microsoft, Office, OS X, Surface, technology, Ubuntu, Vista | 3 Comments

Microsoft officially announced their new product yesterday – Surface. Yes I blogged about it. And yes I blogged about it twice. If I had time, I would have blogged about it all day long!

So where does all this leave Microsoft, Apple, and Linux in the long term?

First of all, where are all the iPhone-heads? All I’ve heard about for the last 5 months is iPhone this and iPhone that. I’m sure even my coworkers are sick of hearing me talk about the iPhone. But now they’re going to be sick of me talking about Surface. This aside, Microsoft’s stock closed up only $0.32 on Wednesday with this announcement. What’s up with that? Apple’s stock went nuts with the Engadget debacle last week. $400 billion lost in 6 minutes? I think Microsoft’s announcement is worth a little something.

I mean, let’s face it, this is much BIGGER than the iPhone will ever be. Did you read all the ads, news, and blog articles? Did you watch the Microsoft promotional videos or at least the YouTube demonstrations? Almost 75% of the selling points for this new product centered around it’s interaction with our cell phones. I mean, who needs an iPhone when I can just set my Nokia or BlackBerry down and “Surface” it? You can dump photos, ring tones, music and service plans on to it by just touching and dragging- the possibilities are literally endless. The revenue and profit potential of this is mind boggling – I can’t stop thinking about it!

Don’t get me wrong, I still want an iPhone. Partly because I won’t be able to afford a Surface table for the next 3-4 years. But let’s talk about long-term strategic vision. Microsoft threw a “1-2 punch” to Apple with the Zune only to quickly fizzle out, but they weren’t worried. Surface was just around the corner ready to deliver a knockout! While Apple seems to be moving away from computing (remember they delayed Leopard to reallocate resources for the iPhone launch this summer), Microsoft has just elevated the computer market in a HUGE way.

There have been many critics of Microsoft as of late, myself included. They were laughed at for the Zune launch and the continued ridicule seems unending. Vista for some reason has taken quite the beating from bloggers and journalists alike (I’m quite pleased with my Vista running on my Mac via Parallels and on a 4 year old Dell box). Microsoft Office 2007 garnered less abrasiveness, but stick-in-the-muds were still up in arms over it’s innovation. Now this. So what’s the criticism going to be now?

For me, hat’s off to Microsoft! With Apple and Microsoft competing like this, the future looks to be very exciting! Innovation like this is capitalism in action and I’m all for it!

Do you want a stock tip? Buy lots of Microsoft. Buy lots of Apple.

As far as computers for work and “mundane” tasks – Linux now has a market. I’ve heard it alluded to in various articles and podcasts – Microsoft and Apple can’t do much else with the personal computer. Well now I believe that to be true. Both companies are moving distinctly away from the traditional money-makers (PC’s as we know them) and Linux and the open source community are more than happy to fill the void (think Ubuntu/Dell). So far, I’m happy all around.

Keep ’em comin’!



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  1. This technology was not developed by Microsoft. And they certainly don’t own it. *sigh* How many people do I have to say this to ? You would do well to take what you see in any Microsoft marketing promotion with a very large grain of salt. Take the time to Google words like, “multitouch” and, “Jeff Han”. Microsoft’s product is not even aimed at the a home or mass consumer market. Apple’s iPhone already leverages the same technology in a form that is actually affordable for a mass consumer market.

  2. What point are you trying to make by proving ownership? Microsoft doesn’t own Intel, Dell, IBM, HP, or other brands of computer manufacturers and yet they still monopolize the desktop operating system market.

    I have not been the biggest fan of Microsoft of late. In fact, I’ve delivered quite a deal of criticism to my peers and colleagues and promoted Apple and Linux. I’m still an Apple and Linux fan, but I think Microsoft has got something here.

    With regards to Apple’s iPhone – I believe it would be better described as semi-affordable. The young and “hip” generation who are now purchasing iPod Nanos or other “mass market” variations are not going to be able to afford $500-$600 for a cell phone + a wireless and data plan.

    Microsoft’s product can’t be aimed at the mass market anyhow — it’s too expensive. But so was the computer many years ago pre-Internet. Those prices came down. Surface may not be the next BIG thing. But there is always the possibility.

    I’ll still enjoy my other Mac and Linux goodies — and give Microsoft props when they deserve it. This time, they deserve it.

  3. A note to Jeremy, you said” Apple’s iPhone already leverages the same technology in a form that is actually affordable for a mass consumer market”. BUT if you knew anything you’d see there are two completely different technologies. Apple is multitouch but Microsoft is photo based (little camras under the surface). You can’t compare them as each has enormous pros and cons against each other! research before you make yourself look soo stupid.

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