Movie Review: Apocalypto

May 30, 2007 at 6:08 am | Posted in Apocalypto, movies | 6 Comments

ApocalyptoMel Gibson aside, this movie was awesome!

Even though Joe and I are big Netflix fan’s, we were in the mood for movie watching. We stopped by our local Blockbuster and picked up, among other titles, Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto.

I had heard before from other viewers and reviews that the movie is spoken in the Mayan language and was, therefore, subtitled, but had forgotten about this when we selected the film. After the cashier had already completed our purchase transaction, she confirmed that we knew the movie was subtitled. I though, “Oh no, it must be really bad for her to bring that up ‘just in case.'” We bought it anyhow, and after two days of avoiding it, we finally decided to put it in and at least “enjoy the scenery”. You’re probably wondering what the big deal is about a subtitled movie. Well, Joe and I are of the type where we have to be in the mood to want to read the dialogue on the bottom of the screen – and we weren’t really in the mood.

Imagine our surprise and delight once the film got underway. From start to finish, the film was non-stop action! The scenery and authenticity were beyond our imagination! On top of all this, we both remarked after the film how unnecessary any dialogue was. Although there were plenty of conversations and speaking parts, there was disproportionately more footage and scenery. We both agreed that the film could have been watched with no subtitles at all and nothing would have been lost.

My favorite parts? Well as dark and disturbing as the city was, I still found it pretty cool. The big buildings and architecture, the class-divided citizenry, and the marketplace were all neat to fantasize what city life might have been like for the ancient Mayans. My second most favorite part of the film was the ending. I couldn’t think of a better way to wrap it all up and connect the viewer to this ancient civilization.

You’ve definitely got to see this film. Put your reservations about Mel Gibson aside; regardless of his personal inclinations, the guy can make films. This movie definitely gets 5 stars from me – I can’t wait to see it again!



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  1. The word that popped into my head at the end of the film was “amazing.” A truly outstanding movie, with violence that, while graphic and unsettling, feels authentic and reflective of the time and place. IMHP, this film would have received more nominations and possibly won more awards had Gibson not gone on his uncontrolled and much-reported anti-Semitic rant at the start of Hollywood’s “awards season.”

  2. I agree, Gibson’s public behavior is proving bad for business. It’s to bad because it was an amazing film.

  3. I meant to see it when it came out, but never got to. I will definitely rent it or watch it on PPV.

  4. I had heard of the movie from my brother and other relations and indeed intended to see it but the time to do so passed by. I still have not had the pleasure of doing so but like they say, never say never. The trailers I’ve seen of the movie and the reviews I’ve heard were nothing less then outstandingly brilliant. I hope to have the pleasure of watching this, thought to be, brilliant movie in the near future.

  5. this is best .one who ever think this .it is out standing touching of heart of others.gibson brain give so many option to the others one how watch

  6. world has ever seen this type of movie .but i see what the world has expecting was given only by gibson

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