Can today get any better?

May 15, 2007 at 8:15 pm | Posted in America, gay, Iraq, politics | 1 Comment

I believe the saying goes, “Good riddance…”  See ya Jerry!


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  1. Justin,
    Is that a really a humane response to the death of someone, even if they oppose the lifestyle you embrace? When Graham Chapman of Monty Python died, I did not wish him good riddance. Even when Rock Hudson died of AIDS, I did not wish him good riddance. Justin, you are better than that. Cannot your compassion extend to someone you disagree with?

    Certainly I do not agree with some things that Jerry did or said, and that can be said of everyone, straight or gay. If you find someone that shares all your hopes, fears, feelings and convictions, then you are probably looking in the mirror.

    That I do not embrace homosexuality as a lifestyle does not mean that I have lost my compassion for them. NOR DO I HATE GAYS/HOMOSEXUALS. I am deeply troubled by folks that find it necessary to belittle gays or worse, harm them. I am truly sad to say that even as a Christian, I know there are Christians that would not miss one more gay man or woman. In the Bible, hating someone is as bad as killing them. I have worked in an environment where gays were taunted. Unless you are heartless, such lack of compassion or even care is unconscionable. I have seen the hurt in their eyes.

    Justin, I am indeed fortunate in that I know you and can call you friend and cannot imagine ever hating you I hope you see me as a friend. I have seen the way you interact with people. I have seen the incredible intelligence you have. I have intelligence, but not like yours (and probably not like anyone elses!!). I hope you don’t become too educated and lose your humanity. I sincerely believe you have greatness within you and that there is nothing you could not accomplish if you wanted.

    Just something to think about…
    Your friend Bill

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