Bloomberg for President

May 15, 2007 at 10:05 pm | Posted in America, politics | 3 Comments

Now this sure puts an interesting spin on things.

Is the 2008 Presidential election going to be the election of a lifetime? Are we setting new precedents for how much money can or will be spent on a campaign?

Just when I thought I could study the democratic candidates and pick my favorite, I’m thrown this curve ball. I like what I’ve seen of Bloomberg so far and definitely feel comfortable supporting someone capable of generating and maintaining their own wealth. This is not even to mention that I do have an eye on a couple of the already declared Republican candidates. Guess I’ll just add this one to the list.

I do find it alarming, however, that the current trends in politics lead one to conclude that money talks. America certainly has many great leaders out there that could never in their lifetime think of amassing this much money just for one election campaign. Are we teaching our children that to run for President today you have to be a millionaire and to run 10-25 years from now you’ll have to be a billionaire? If not, I hope so.

With this in mind, ponder Brett Dennen’s appropriate song, “I Asked When.” So when is the revolution?

I Asked When by Brett Dennen



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  1. I still say Ron Paul of Texas will be the best choice for president. Why the mainstream media does not give him any attention boggles my mind. I know what you are thinking. Can anything good come out of Texas? Well..yeah…

  2. […] might fund their own billion dollar campaign may at first be unsettling, and as I mentioned in my previous post, call for concern regarding what class of American is able to actually run for office.  But it is […]

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