Microsoft Surface: The heat is on!

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Microsoft officially announced their new product yesterday – Surface. Yes I blogged about it. And yes I blogged about it twice. If I had time, I would have blogged about it all day long!

So where does all this leave Microsoft, Apple, and Linux in the long term?

First of all, where are all the iPhone-heads? All I’ve heard about for the last 5 months is iPhone this and iPhone that. I’m sure even my coworkers are sick of hearing me talk about the iPhone. But now they’re going to be sick of me talking about Surface. This aside, Microsoft’s stock closed up only $0.32 on Wednesday with this announcement. What’s up with that? Apple’s stock went nuts with the Engadget debacle last week. $400 billion lost in 6 minutes? I think Microsoft’s announcement is worth a little something.

I mean, let’s face it, this is much BIGGER than the iPhone will ever be. Did you read all the ads, news, and blog articles? Did you watch the Microsoft promotional videos or at least the YouTube demonstrations? Almost 75% of the selling points for this new product centered around it’s interaction with our cell phones. I mean, who needs an iPhone when I can just set my Nokia or BlackBerry down and “Surface” it? You can dump photos, ring tones, music and service plans on to it by just touching and dragging- the possibilities are literally endless. The revenue and profit potential of this is mind boggling – I can’t stop thinking about it! Continue Reading Microsoft Surface: The heat is on!…


Apple iPhone vs. Microsoft Surface

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This article seems to be getting a lot of traffic, but it’s just two pictures. Check out my other article…  —justevolvin 6/3/07

iPhone Picture


Microsoft Surface Picture

I don’t know about you…but I want both!

Now things are getting exciting!

Microsoft Surface

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If you’ve been reading, you know that I’m a Mac-head and probably not the biggest Microsoft fan, but this is pretty freakin’ cool! I would love to play around with one of these, if not own one. It’s like an iPhone on steroids!

“Microsoft says, however, that its long-term plan is to bring the technologies in Surface to the home.”

Will this be the next generation of home computing? Possibly. I could see myself using one of these. I don’t like the idea of leaning over something, but I’m sure all that would be worked out. Too bad it’s too expensive to go out and purchase. I guess I’ll just have to enjoy the iPhone for now.

Anyways, check out the cool links below. The first is the pictures from PC World and the second is Harry McCraken’s article.


PC World Article

Movie Review: Apocalypto

May 30, 2007 at 6:08 am | Posted in Apocalypto, movies | 6 Comments

ApocalyptoMel Gibson aside, this movie was awesome!

Even though Joe and I are big Netflix fan’s, we were in the mood for movie watching. We stopped by our local Blockbuster and picked up, among other titles, Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto.

I had heard before from other viewers and reviews that the movie is spoken in the Mayan language and was, therefore, subtitled, but had forgotten about this when we selected the film. After the cashier had already completed our purchase transaction, she confirmed that we knew the movie was subtitled. I though, “Oh no, it must be really bad for her to bring that up ‘just in case.'” We bought it anyhow, and after two days of avoiding it, we finally decided to put it in and at least “enjoy the scenery”. You’re probably wondering what the big deal is about a subtitled movie. Well, Joe and I are of the type where we have to be in the mood to want to read the dialogue on the bottom of the screen – and we weren’t really in the mood. Continue Reading Movie Review: Apocalypto…

Al Gore: The Assault on Reason, Part 2

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Check out this book excerpt from Time here…

I’m not an Al Gore “fan-boy” by any stretch of the imagination, and I still have mixed feelings about the sensationalist overtone of his movie An Inconvenient Truth. But this book excerpt I ran across on has piqued my curiosity. In these few pages he demonstrates some amazing insights that I think are worth discussing. I’ve extracted quite a few quotes that I am going to discuss over the next few days. Here’s the second one; feel free to chime in and share your thoughts.

“To take another example, for the first time in American history, the Executive Branch of our government has not only condoned but actively promoted the treatment of captives in wartime that clearly involves torture, thus overturning a prohibition established by General George Washington during the Revolutionary War.

Continue Reading Al Gore: The Assault on Reason, Part 2…

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