Web art, poetry, and music

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(Caution: adult language in links.)

Now I am not even close to being a poetry fan. Nor am I big into the arts. But I do love music and am certainly turned on by something that is new and different that I haven’t seen before. This site is really neat and especially cool if art, poetry, or music are your thing. My humanities instructor played the first one – Dakota – in class one day and I went and watched a couple of others. Basically this guy as in Asian artist whose medium is the Internet. I think it’s pretty cool since “Internet art” or “web art” isn’t that well developed or well defined yet. If someone had asked me to make something creative to share on the Internet, this definitely wouldn’t have been the first idea to come to mind, yet I really like it.

One of the questions I often think about when studying arts of the past is: what is art in my generation? How will people looking back 50, 100, and 200 years from now describe the evolution of art related to the explosion in technology that we are now living in? Will art remain something that you leave your home to go see? Will people still paint on canvas, make sculptures, and design cool things to be placed on display in the city park? Or will art of the future be something completely different?

I’d love to think so. Some ancient periods are known for their architecture, tombs, art, churches, mosques, mounds, paintings, sculptures, pottery…the list goes on and on. I’d hate my generation’s big claim to fame just to be more of the same plus a few crop circles. This guy gives me hope , and entertains me too.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the link; I certainly did…

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