Las Vegas – 2nd Post

March 31, 2007 at 10:40 am | Posted in Caesar's Palace, casino, Las Vegas, Mystere, The Venetian, vacation | 3 Comments

OK – so it’s been almost a month since my last post, but things have been nuts! Just “crazy-making” as Merlin Mann would say. It’s funny though, I woke up about an hour ago and was dreaming about Las Vegas – I miss it already! I loved that place! So what happened after that last post?

Well, we went to Mystere at Treasure Island just like I said we were going to. The show was OK, nothing like La Nouba in Orlando, Florida. My favorite part of the whole show was the baby, the clown, and the drums. The actual acrobatics and such were just mediocre.

The next day we checked out Caesar’s Palace. What an awesome hotel! We visited all the shops in The Forum and even sat down at Planet Hollywood (I think that’s what restaurant it was) and had an appetizer and cheap, happy hour beers.

The day before we left we caught one more show of Showtime down at the bar in the Casino at the Venetian. We really liked their show but seeing them a couple of days later we realized that the show wasn’t that much different. For a live band, they seemed to stick too much to a “script”, same jokes, same songs, pretty much same everything.

I dropped probably another $60 dollars in the casino before we left. At one point, while playing Black Jack on the slot machine, I had doubled my $60 to $120, but then I got greedy and subsequently lost it all. It’s a good thing we don’t live very close to Vegas, because otherwise I think I might lose a lot of money there.

I have attached a few more random pictures and also some celebrity shots from Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. Hope you enjoy!

The Venetian Paris New York, New York Me and the Kennedys Joe and Don King Me showing Tiger where to putt Michael Jackson checking out Joe Me, Simon Cowelll, and Ryan Seacrest Joe, Siegfried, and Roy Me and Ben Affleck playing Poker Joe and some guy



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  1. Hey Justin

    I’m glad you had fun there. I was looking for a trackback link here, but I guess you don’t have it enabled. I’m going to link to this page anyways to show off your pictures


  2. Hi Justin

    I missed putting the actual page where I linked to you in the first message
    It’s here

  3. Thanks Dwain! I’m going to look into the trackback functionality, but thanks in the meantime for the “trackback”. I checked out your site and the article — looks great! We’re wanting to go back soon and I think I’ll definitely refer back to your site for advice.

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