Bush’s bad tie

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Yeah – it was that bad. I watched Bush’s State of the Union Address tonight. In fact, he is still talking as I am writing this. I lost interest as he started babbling about Iraq and effectively making excuses, justifying his questionable decision to deploy 20,000 more soldiers. He says that nothing is more important to American “history” than to succeed at the war in Iraq – that sounds like an odd reason to fight a war, just to make the history books look good. What’s so bad about admitting defeat, admitting failure? America is perfect? We’re going to get the job done even if it takes us 50 years? Now he just said he wants to increase the size of the Army and the active Marine Corps by 92,000 in the next 5 years…What is he preparing for? World War III? Perhaps I should be asking, is this World War III? Well, enough of my Bush-war bashing…

The other stuff: well he congratulated Nancy Peloski and the new Democratic majority (how diplomatic). He started off stating his intention to “guard” America against “evil”. Is it just me or does the word evil connote some degree of religiosity? September 11th wasn’t the result of “evil” in the world, it was the result of religious fanaticism, extremism, and a deep hatred for America. Perhaps if we spent more time marketing America and less time dropping bombs there would be fewer people focused on harming our country.

He didn’t have much choice but to acknowledge the divided government. In fact, this state of the union was not much different from the rest: Republicans stand and clap, Democrats sit and pout, Republicans stand and clap, Democrats sit and pout… Nothing has really changed. Although I have no alternative to pump, at my young age I am in serious doubt about the efficacy of any “party” system. I just don’t see how anything truly spectacular can get done when everyone is always at each other’s throat, waiting for someone to screw up, misbehave, or whatever. Are there any serious conversations out there about government reform? I heard the other day on ABC World News with Charles Gibson that forecasters are predicting that more than 1 billion dollars will be spent on the next election. This is crazy! How am I going to run for President? I’ll never have that kind of dough 🙂

Balancing the federal budget – now that was good to hear. It’s always nice to be in the green, but I have to wonder, if we can spend less now, why can’t we spend less all of the time?

Earmarks, he mentioned earmarks. This just supports my suggestion for a conversation about government reform. Our founding father’s were great, I give them all due credit, but a couple of hundred years later I think it might be wise to re-examine things…

The last thing I found interesting was his mentions of healthcare. I am all for improving the healthcare situation in America, it’s quite obvious that “something” is needed. I just have the gut feeling though that not much thought is being put into what actually might help the healthcare system over the long term. It feels like whenever it is discussed that everyone is talking more “bandaid” fixes than anything else. Bush mentioned using Information Technology to reduce costs in healthcare. Well that just happens to be what I do for a living. I don’t see how increasing IT expenditures in the healthcare system is going to reduce costs. It seems that in my experience that XX millions (or billions) of dollars are spent on the next big thing in IT that is supposed to reduce costs. No sooner than that system is implemented (5 year or greater timeline) than something newer and better is out that costs even more but touts more savings. I certainly don’t purport to have a 100,000 foot view of the healthcare situation in my organization, let alone America, but as an intelligent person (at least I consider myself intelligent) I have to question the reasoning behind some of the decisions being made in healthcare today. I could go on for pages about this…so I’ll just shut up now. Maybe I’ll do a follow-up some other time about the “healthcare crisis” since I do really have a lot to say.

One (more) last comment – the fear propogation. Seems like Bush is still leaning on this tactic as a means for motivation. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am kind of tired of hearing that “somebody” else is going to re-create September 11th. Can’t the country be protected (and convinced that protection is good) without scaring the hell out of everybody? Anyways…enough of my ranting…


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