Vacation – Naples, Florida

January 2, 2007 at 7:04 pm | Posted in Florida, Naples, vacation | Leave a comment

For vacation part two, we went down to Naples, Florida – for the evening that is. Before I start the story, here is a picture I ripped from Google Images of what our view from the hotel room looked like (I didn’t have the camera, read on…)

Naples Beach

So, the story…it started on our way down to Orlando. We were excited about being on vacation and Joe mentioned that we should check out Naples. Naples is my hometown and I have always wanted Joe to see where I was “from”, plus I thought that he would appreciate the beauty that everyone else likes about Naples (see above). Originally we planned to head down there at the end of our trip, but on Wednesday (the day after we arrived) we decided to make the 3 hour trip and stay there until Friday (we kept our room and our stuff in Orlando so as not to lose the discounted hotel rate) so that we could finish up our vacation in Orlando.

Well, we made the drive and checked into our hotel room at the Naples Beach Hotel. The lobby looked horrible and our room even worse, Joe was starting to wonder what might be wrong with me since I had spent many conversations before talking up Naples and telling him how beautiful it was and how much I missed it sometimes. I knew the hotel from when I lived there and knew ahead of time that it was older, but wasn’t prepared for the old spring mattresses and horrible decorating. Joe and I headed straight to the opposite side of the room for the door that lead out onto the balcony, and the reason for the trip quickly became clear – stretched out in front of us were miles and miles of beautiful beach and endless water.

So, we went and had a beer on the beach, watched the sunset, wished that we had vacationed there instead of Orlando, and then decided to go back early. We had seen the best, didn’t like our hotel, and now I had Naples out of my system. Back to Orlando we went and that was the end of our Naples vacation. I am sure there will be blog posts to come about future trips to Naples…


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