Vacation – Atlanta, Georgia

January 2, 2007 at 7:38 pm | Posted in Atlanta, Georgia, Georgia Aquarium, vacation | Leave a comment

This is the last destination for Joe and I on our December vacation. After returning to Asheville from Florida, we decided to make a two-day trip to Atlanta to see the Georgia Aquarium and do the Inside CNN Studio Tour. The first day there we did the CNN tour. If you are ever in Atlanta, don’t bother with CNN – it’s a ripoff. I snapped these photos of the skyline as we trekked through Centennial Park to the aquarium to buy tickets. My favorite building in Atlanta was the one that is to the right of the leafless tree.

Favorite Building

Centennial Park Skyline

This next picture is of my favorite exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium – the beluga whales. There are just no words to describe what it is like to see these in person. These alone were worth the trip.

Belugas 1

Belugas 2

This next picture is of one of the beluga whales that kept coming up to the viewing window and scratching its back on the bottom edge of the window. He (or she – not sure) was so close that you could put your hand on the window and it was if you were touching it.


This next one was my favorite “photograph”, I think I snapped this in the tunnel – a neat tunnel built under water that allows you to see the aquatic life all around you. I am not sure what kind of fish is center-frame, but it looks cool nonetheless.


Tunnel Shot

This last one is of the largest viewing window at the aquarium and it is two of the enormous whale sharks. This again, is just something that cannot be described. Everyone should have an opportunity to see something this incredible.


Whale Sharks


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